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Private Equity Analyst

Background and Requirements

  • Recent college graduates with up to two years of post-undergraduate work experience
  • Class rank in the top 25% of your graduating class and a background in finance, economics, mathematics or science
  • Relevant summer or full-time work experience
  • Strong communications and sales skills, and an interest in investing in health care growth companies
  • Varsity sport or other accomplishment while in college
  • Desire to source investments

Analysts are on the front lines of Great Point's efforts to identify growing industry sectors and to source specific companies within those areas that are attractive for investment.

Analysts participate in industry tradeshows, review industry journals, augment Great Point's proprietary database of private companies, and speak with over 1,000 CEOs each year with the objective of sourcing two to three companies for investment. Analysts also play active roles in transactions by meeting with management teams, conducting due diligence, performing quantitative analyses and completing legal documentation. Additional responsibilities include supporting our portfolio companies, often by attending Board meetings.

Compensation is extremely competitive and includes base pay, a targeted bonus of 50% of base, health care coverage, 401(k) and the ability to invest in Great Point Partners' deals on which you work. The Analyst position is a three-year commitment. Some Analysts are promoted to Associates and others may return to the firm as a Senior Associate after business school.

Please send a resume that includes your college GPA and standardized test scores along with a one-page cover letter stating your interest in Great Point Partners and your qualifications for the position to: Shaun O'Connor

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