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Great Point Partners Celebrates 20 Years of Growth

GPP commemorates significant milestones achieved since inception, including 26 platform acquisitions, over 100 tuck-ins and the opening of a European office

GREENWICH, CT – April 17, 2024 – Great Point Partners (“GPP”), a Greenwich-based private investment firm focused exclusively on the health care industry, celebrated its 20th anniversary of partnering with growing health care companies and helping them achieve their full potential.

Since the firm’s inception in 2003, GPP has grown from a three-person team to a global team of 30 professionals in the U.S. and London. At a time when long-term secular growth drivers support rising health care demand, with global health care spend having grown more than 40% from 2018 to 2022 (World Economic Forum, 2023), GPP has continued to harness deep expertise across the health care sector, with a particular emphasis on biopharmaceutical services and supplies, alternate site care, medical device contract manufacturing and information technology enabled businesses.

In the twenty years since its founding, GPP has achieved a number of significant milestones:

  • 37 Platform Acquisitions: Great Point Partners I (GPP I, $156 million), Great Point Partners II (GPP II, $215 million), Great Point Partners III (GPP III, $306 million) and Great Point Partners IV (GPP IV, $507 million) invested in 26 growing health care companies.
  • Over 100 Tuck-in Acquisitions: Through its proactive, proprietary approach to sourcing investments, leveraging its dedicated sourcing team of eight people, the firm has completed over 100 tuck-in acquisitions, averaging four tuck-in acquisitions per exited portfolio company.
  •  BioMedical Value Fund (“BMVF”) Investments: BMVF employs a deep value, fundamentals-focused investment approach and leverages a research team with advanced science and medical degrees to identify asymmetric risk-reward dynamics within the universe of publicly traded life sciences companies. The firm has completed over 225 directly negotiated investments through BMVF, which invests exclusively in small and mid-capitalization, publicly traded biotechnology and life sciences companies that are changing the ways diseases are treated.
  •  Expanded Geographical Footprint: From three employees at inception, GPP now employs 30 employees between its headquarters in Greenwich, CT, and a newly opened office in London, created to expand the firm’s ability to help growing health care companies reach transatlantic scale. The firm’s Managing Directors have more than 90 collective years of experience.

“I am incredibly proud of all that our talented team has achieved over the last 20 years, and I believe the depth of our health care expertise and business development capabilities positions us for continued growth far into the future,” said Dr. Jeffrey Jay, Founder and Managing Partner of GPP. “We look forward to building on this momentum in the years ahead and continuing to create substantial value for customers and end-markets across the health care ecosystem.”

About Great Point Partners

Great Point Partners, founded in 2003 and based in Greenwich, CT, is a leading health care investment firm with 30 professionals, investing in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. GPP is currently making new minority and majority private equity investments from GPP IV. Great Point manages approximately $1.7B of capital (including committed and uncalled capital) in its private funds and public life sciences equity strategy (BioMedical Value Fund). Great Point Partners has provided growth equity, growth recapitalization, and management buyout financing to more than 100 growing health care companies. The private equity funds invest across all sectors of the health care industry with a particular emphasis on biopharmaceutical services and supplies, alternate site care, medical device contract manufacturing and information technology enabled businesses. The firm pursues a proactive and proprietary approach to sourcing investments and tuck-in acquisitions for its portfolio companies.