Investment Criteria

Dedicated Lower Middle Market Investors

We invest in growing health care companies and executive leadership capable of sustaining growth.

We invest in innovative health care companies with a demonstrated track record of both revenue and profit growth. We encourage both executives and interested intermediaries to contact a Great Point Partners professional directly about a potential investment opportunity.

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Great Point Partners Investment Criteria

  • Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain Services and Products
  • Health Care Services
  • Health Care Information Technology Enabled Services
  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics

We target companies that are generating between $10-100 million of revenue and $2-12 million of EBITDA. Our target equity investments range from $10-$100 million.

Great Point Partners actively sources tuck-in acquisition opportunities for our portfolio companies and have completed over 100 tuck-in acquisitions since our first investment in 2006. Tuck-in candidates generally are profitable. We like to invest in companies where tuck-in acquisitions can augment organic growth.

We are equally comfortable with minority and majority ownership investments. In fact, about 25% of our investments are minority interests.

We offer a wide range of shareholder liquidity and ownership options – seeking to align interests between management teams and Great Point Partners. Generally, we are the first institutional investor, and always the lead investor. We structure investments that sustain long-term growth, support financial stability, and maximize shareholder value.

Great Point Partners invests primarily in companies located in the United States, Canada and Western Europe.