Choosing a Financial Partner

Providing Strategic options to Founders + CEOS

Typically, the companies we invest in are in the enviable position of having numerous strategic and financial options.

Our principal role is to support corporate objectives and provide critical advice and guidance on strategic, financial and management issues. Great Point Partners also brings extensive experience in helping companies successfully complete the complex process of debt and equity financings, acquisitions, mergers and initial public offerings.

All business owners and management teams eventually need to consider one or more of the following objectives:

  • How do we provide liquidity to private shareholders who may want cash?
  • How do we optimize our business either by buying an asset or selling one?
  • How do we diversify our own net worth while maintaining operational control of our business?
  • How do we fund growth?

Entrepreneurs and management teams can rely on Great Point Partners to help find solutions to these questions and achieve business and shareholder objectives.

Uses of Our Capital

We enable founders and other shareholders of privately held companies to “have their cake and eat it too” by diversifying their financial holdings while retaining control of their business. The ability to take capital “off the table” at closing provides for more comfort in personal financial planning.

Great Point Partners provides capital for growth and creates liquidity for shareholders seeking to sell a significant portion of their business, while allowing them to retain executive leadership and work with Great Point to strengthen their management team. Post recapitalization, management teams and Great Point are both equity investors – our interests are aligned and our shared objective will be to build significant long-term value.

An investment from Great Point Partners allows businesses to expand more rapidly with cash from the investment.

We drive growth within our portfolio through the financing of “tuck-in” acquisitions. Great Point Partners has completed over 100 tuck-in acquisitions for our platform investments.

An investment from Great Point Partners can allow public or private companies to sell off subsidiaries, while empowering management teams by enabling them to obtain operational control and receive ownership stakes in companies acquired from corporate parents or other significant shareholders.

Choosing the right partner to fund your company's growth is an important and complicated decision.

Management teams choose Great Point Partners because we constitute the best fit with the company's growth ambitions and guiding principles.

Our Partnership Philosophy