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Great Point Partners invests in growing, profitable health care companies

Companies choose to work with Great Point Partners because of our health care expertise, our industry contacts and our focus on helping strong management teams achieve accelerated and sustainable growth.

While we are active board members and strategic advisors, we leave the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies to management teams who we have decided to back. Ultimately Great Point Partners serves as an experienced investor and partner to management teams who share our objectives of continued growth and success.

Providing value to management

Great Point Partners’ Private Equity Managing Directors have more than 70 collective years of private equity experience. Supporting our Managing Directors are a talented team of investment professionals in our Greenwich and London offices with a singular focus on investing in and building health care companies. From the time we invest in a company to an exit, 5 to 8 years down the road, a typical Great Point company sees a three-fold increase in value.

For most of our platform investments, tuck-in acquisitions provide an excellent way to expand product lines and expand geographically. However, to do this well, you need expertise and a dedicated person building your acquisition pipeline. Great Point excels at sourcing strategic tuck-in acquisitions and arranging the required debt financing that does not require business owners to provide a personal guarantee or take further dilution. Great Point has a team dedicated to sourcing, structuring and executing acquisitions for its portfolio companies, and has sourced a majority of the more than 100 tuck-in acquisitions completed by the GPP portfolio. The firm has averaged over 4 tuck-in acquisitions per exited portfolio company, we believe more than any other health care private equity firm.

Great Point Partners focuses solely on health care investments. We form specific investment theses around subsectors that aim to capture particular tailwinds that exist in the health care ecosystem. We then contact the management teams who are building leading businesses within those subsectors of health care to introduce Great Point and articulate our investment thesis and value proposition. When you meet with Great Point, our industry work is already complete, and the conversation is centered around the various strategies to further grow your business.

We believe Great Point Partners is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful investors in the health care industry. Our investment conveys a valuable endorsement to growing companies that opens access to lower interest rate debt financing and other benefits.

Approximately 8% of the capital invested in each of our private equity investments comes from the Great Point team. We believe this ratio is very high among private equity firms. We align our interests with our managers, profiting or losing when they do, hence, we “eat our own cooking.” This high co-investment ratio comforts management teams that a commitment by Great Point is both a personal and fiduciary one on behalf of our limited partners.

We currently manage $1.7 billion of public and private equity capital. Capital for our funds has been committed from world-renowned foundations, endowments and family offices.

We have long-standing relationships with senior lenders. These lenders provide more financing, more flexible terms and remove all founder personal guarantees once Great Point becomes an investor.

We enhance the value of your business through sourcing tuck-in acquisitions, executive and board recruiting, and strategic and financial advice. As a testament to our partnership, many of our CEOs ultimately join our CEO Advisory Board, serve on the Boards of other GPP companies and invest alongside us through the GPP funds and coinvestments.

Great Point Partners recognizes that a commitment to clinical excellence is core to the success and sustainability of any health care business. We invest significantly in our portfolio companies to ensure that we are collectively adhering to the highest levels of quality for your customers and your patients.

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We work closely with Founders, CEOs, and management teams to determine how best to achieve their goals and take a flexible approach to structuring our partnerships.

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The Future of Transformational Health Care

Great Point Partners serves as an experienced investor and partner to management teams who share our objectives of continued growth and success.Companies choose to work with Great Point Partners because of our health care expertise, our industry contacts and our focus on helping strong management teams grow their businesses.

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“Every business needs capital, what you do with that capital, how you deploy it and how you turn it into value for people in the health care space was what was impressive about Great Point Partners. They are very committed to improving health care and making it better than when they got into it.”

Rob Gelb
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“Equian is at the forefront of payment integrity in health care reimbursements. Over 400 industry payors utilize our solutions to lower their health care spend and ensure cooperative relationships with the providers who serve their members. I continue to run the business for a large private equity firm, and in December of 2015 we completed our 12th and largest tuck-in acquisition when we bought Trover.”

Scott Mingee
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“Great Point’s industry knowledge and industry contacts were apparent from our first conversation when Dr. Bernhard Hampl, the former CEO of the Sandoz division of Novartis, arrived with the Great Point investment team to discuss strategies for turbo-charging our growth. We needed a professional equity investor to help bring Cytovance to the next phase of growth, and Great Point’s credibility with senior lenders, biologics manufacturing knowledge, and strategic oversight have proven to be invaluable resources to the Cytovance team.”

Darren Head
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“Great Point demonstrated their potential value to Corrona during our first meeting and stood out from other potential private equity partners who were generalists and had a superficial understanding of drug registries. The Great Point team was impressively knowledgeable about the business of clinical drug monitoring and research from numerous directly relevant investments. Corrona will benefit from their new insights and experiences along with additional capital to address our growth goals.”

Joel Kremer
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“Great Point was a hardworking and dedicated partner for Biotronic. They sourced eight acquisition opportunities, arranged debt financing for those initiatives and provided generous economic participation for the management team associated with our growth and increased profitability.”

William Gecsey
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“Great Point brought us not only financial support, but also a strong strategic vision, philosophy of supporting management teams, network of medical experts through their Medical Advisory Board, expertise in negotiating and integrating tuck-in acquisitions, and a track record of successfully building shareholder value. All of these capabilities significantly helped us in reaching our business and growth objectives. Without Great Point, we would not be the largest and most respected provider in the proteomics biomarker discovery service market.”

Martin LeBlanc
President & CEO
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“Great Point brought much more than capital to our relationship. Within four months of their investment, they helped us acquire our Belgian partner, the B&C Group, and sourced a German acquisition, Theorem Clinical Supplies, transforming us into a global business with over 50% of our revenue from Europe. These strategic acquisitions also resulted in accelerated organic growth.”

Gerald Finken
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“We were impressed with GPP’s rolodex of potential new customer contacts, robust acquisition pipeline, and deep industry knowledge. We are confident that Great Point’s capital and acquisition expertise will allow us to achieve a higher level of growth by expanding into new markets, increasing our product line, and expanding our customer base.”

Richard Jones
Former CEO
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“Great Point sourced four of six tuck-in acquisitions, arranged the debt financing, co-led the due diligence and helped with the integration of operations and financial systems. Together, we created the largest provider of Applied Behavior Analysis in the country.”

Jeffrey Winter
CEO Advisory Board Member
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